Fortress Boxing Boxing Hand Wraps – Shockproof Wrist Support with Hook & Loop & 1m Default Compression Wrap – Quick Hand Wraps Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing & MMA Gloves – T1 Boxing Wraps


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  • Unleash Your Full Potential: Upgrade your martial arts and boxing accessories with our T1 boxing hand wraps set. These boxing wraps men and women can use have a lightweight and snug fit wrist support design that amplifies your power stability and comfort in every punch. These hand wraps boxing are also ideal for climbing weights and other combat sports.
  • Get Full Wrist and Hand Protection in Minutes: Wear wrap and secure these Muay Thai hand wraps in no time! This slip-on wrist wraps boxing accessory includes a wash bag and a standard 1m compression wrap for quick wear and removal to its hook and loop body.
  • Train Harder in Comfort: Our T1 wrist wraps boxing gear features an improved patent-pending design that gives reliable support from your knuckles’ base down to the wrist limiting accidental mishaps.
  • Punch without Hesitation: Experience superb shock and impact absorption with our padded hand wraps for boxing. These durable MMA gloves and boxing wrist support are made with semi-rigid splits to improve proper fist-to-wrist alignment.
  • Harness Your Power: Fortress Boxing is home to state-of-the-art sparring and training gear such as boxing gloves and hand wraps — all to provide innovative designs ultimate comfort and unmatched protection to professional and amateur athletes.