for Martial Artists: Kickboxing Forearm Guard XS Elbow Pad & Arm Sleeve – Martial Arts Gear-XS


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  • Enhanced safety: Our Kickboxing Forearm Guard XS Elbow Pad provides for your during intense martial arts sessions minimizing the of injuries and bruises.
  • Versatile design: This martial arts gear features a combined elbow pad and arm sleeve offering comprehensive coverage to your forearm and elbow ensuring and flexibility.
  • Perfect fit for all: With the XS elbow guard we guarantee an fit for martial artists of all sizes providing a snug and secure feel while allowing unrestricted movement enabling you to perform at your best.
  • Premium craftsmanship: Crafted with the finest materials our protective arm sleeve offers durability and excellent shock absorption allowing you to withstand powerful impacts without compromising your performance.
  • Essential kickboxing gear: Whether you’re a professional or just starting your martial arts journey our Kickboxing Forearm Guard XS Elbow Pad & Arm Sleeve is a must-have accessory ensuring the safety and longevity of your training sessions.