Flintronic 2 Pcs Adult Sports Mouthguard Gum Shield with Case, for Rugby Boxing Martial Arts Hockey MMA Karate Taekwondo and Other Contact Sports (White + Black)


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  • 【Advanced Food-Grade Material】Flintronic sports mouthguard braces are made of food-grade EVA material so it can provide you with premium shock-absorbing protection. The curved design conforms to the structure of the oral cavity it is soft and comfortable to wear not easy to deform and will not cause discomfort. It is designed to enhance tooth protection and the durability of the mouthguard.
  • 【Effective Cushioning】This sports mouthguard adopts innovative dual-density frame technology. The sports mouthguard can help protect teeth lips jaw and gums with good cushioning effect when kids are doing activities that require movement. Plus the mouthguard comes in a sterile container for clean and safe storage in your gym bag.
  • 【Professional Customization】Professional manufactured mouth guard can clamp your teeth in all the right positions so that it can perfectly protect your teeth and let you play as much as you want. (The sports mouthguard is replaceable we recommend replacing it every 3 months please disinfect before and after use!)
  • 【How to Use】1. Put it in warm water at about 75 degrees for about 45-55 seconds until it becomes soft. 2. After it becomes soft insert it into the teeth in the mouth. Bite into it for 40 seconds then place in a bowl of cold water for 10 seconds to set. 3. If the tooth protector fits your mouth please wash it with water and use it. If it doesn’t fit your mouth you can fix it again from step 1.
  • 【Wide Applications】The thickened bottom of the Flintronic mouthguard can protect the jaw and teeth and prevent oral bites. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for many sports. For example: rugby boxing martial arts hockey MMA taekwondo and so on. We firmly believe that this mouth guard must be the perfect choice for you!