fanelod Karate Chest Guard – Taekwondo Chest Guard Vest,Comfortable Muay Thai Chest Guard Vest, Adjustable Strike Shield, Martial Arts Upper Belly Ribs Protection Pad


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  • ♌Durable Service: Tear-resistant and durable for use Boxing Chest Guard is constructed from oxford cloth and the back is made of high-strength elastic cloth.
  • ♌Elastic and Adjustable Strap: Has elastic adjustable straps on the back Karate Chest Guard is designed with foam inside padding handy to put on and take off.
  • ♌Simply Moved: Lightweight and easy to carry Boxing Body Protector allows the wearer faster movement during the competition providing you with extra protection.
  • ♌Wear Comfortable: Contains breathable mesh material that makes the wearer more comfortable Boxing Body Protector prioritizes your safety and fits the body in a comfortable way.
  • ♌Force Absorption: Good at absorbing and distributing the force before it reaches the wearer Boxing Chest Protector is suitable for athletes and coaches designed to prevent impact from accidental punches to the chest and side.