Energi Fitness Mouth Guard/Gum Shield – for Boxing, MMA, Rugby, Judo, Martial arts, Muay Thai, Karate and all other Contact Sports


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  • The Energi Mouth Guard is a top of the line sports accessory designed for superior protection from impacts and blows prone from contact sports such as boxing MMA rugby judo karate kickboxing and more
  • WHAT does it offer: The Energi Guard offers unbeatable protection for the gums and mouth specifically designed for anyone who is trying to protect their teeth and gums from injury you encounter which comes along with contact sports – allowing you to focus on performing your best on your sport.
  • HOW does it work: Made with a dual-layer design the Energi Guard is able to absorb any blows and hits that come your way. Fits securely in the mouth to protect the teeth and gums using our self-mould technology for an easy and comfortable fit.
  • PERFECT for all: Suitable for anyone that needs protection all ball stick and combat sports – including Rugby Hockey MMA and Boxing. Great for sports where mouth protection is necessary.
  • HIGH quality: Our passion for protection is why we only use the highest quality materials. The Energi Guard is latex and BPA free. The Energi Guard is made from high quality EVA ensuring that you are protected from the impacts of your sport.