Dark Moose Mouth Guard Gum Shield Fit Adult Senior Junior Kids Youth with Case For Boxing, MMA, Rugby, Muay Thai, Hockey, Judo, Karate Martial Arts all Contact Sports (Junior, Black)


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  • Martial arts combat adults children and teenagers can simply fit a boil-and-bite mould or remould of boiling water that is environmentally reusable and formed around teeth for all contact sports gums. Boxing mouth guards fit the curves of your jaw to protect it from impact.
  • The risk of oral trauma injuries is higher in contact sports. Mouthguard slim fit a gum shield can make players safer from injury shield offers the best retention and comfort allowing the performer to be fitted for sports to ensure clean while absorbing dispersing the force.
  • Internal jaw pads in wrestling and kickboxing provide the highest impact hit protection during training and competition. Adopt with plastic box mouth guard bit hard will perfectly cushion teeth to distribute impact force to protect lips and inner cheeks from grinding.
  • Free sterile anti-allergenic case container to open when putting on soft tissues for laughing and tongue ensure that you can breathe and talk comfortably. Easiest aligner retainer fittings robust protection for your jaw is a fantastic hockey gum shield.
  • Sports men with braces are able to bite protective guard protect your teeth against obstacles such as speaking breathing and teeth whitening while also stopping teeth grinding with a guard that adjusts to the shape of your mouth and fits snugly.