Bull Doza Fight Wear Slip Dodge Reaction Bag – Fist Width – 1kg When Filled – 2 Meter Hanging Rope Included – Boxing Punch Bag MMA – Black – No.1 Defence Bag (Not For Punching)


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  • The No.1 Defence Tool (Not For Punching) – 2m Hanging Rope Included – Likely the most effective solo piece of equipment for training a wide array of defensive head movements. This essential defensive training tool is for professional boxers and combat sports athletes to help them master an arsenal of defensive moves such as slipping rolling bobbing and weaving resulting in sharper reaction times and superior defence
  • Never Get Hit – Fist-Sized width to replicate your opponent’s fist for proper punch evasion. Real champions perfect the art of not getting hit to prolong their boxing career and to beat their opponents. Invest in your defence training (this product is intended to be used by trained fighters and is not recommended for commercial use avoid huge swift swings)
  • Everything You Need – Easy To Set Up – Fill It Hang It Swing It Dodge It. Fill the internal sack with up to 1kg of uncooked rice (giving the slip bag the perfect amount of weight resulting in an excellent swing motion) and close the internal drawstring and use the 2 meters (4mm diameter) of shockproof rope provided to adjust slip bag to chin height and Knott at desired drop length
  • Built To Last – Secure Double-Layered Slip Bag – internal drawstring bag secures the filler. It is stitched to a thick outer canvas for security and strength. Each side of the slip bag has a detailed Bull Doza Fight Wear logo – become the king of defensive head movements