BOOM Prime Ladies Pink Boxing Hand Wraps Inner Gloves Elasticated Padded Bandages Wrist Support Punch Bag Straps Great for MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Martial Arts Training (Small/Medium)


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  • BOOM Prime Pink Boxing Inner Gel Gloves is Made up of High Quality Polyester Cotton. Incorporates a specially foam and GEL insert to offer the maximum protection during training without compromising on weight
  • Excellent Quality Gel Padded inner/hand wrap gloves. Contains 100cm long stretchy Wrist Wraps – this makes it convenient to wear on and off. They help to protect the hands knuckles and fingers from injury. Support your hand joints bones muscles and tendons during intense punching striking and sparring workouts. Featuring the optimum mix of elasticity strength and comfort
  • Perfect for heavy bag and pad work and all kinds of boxing training. BOOM Prime Gel Mitts is perfect for anyone who punches hits or strikes or takes part in combat sports. Boxers martial artists Muay Thai fighters and MMA enthusiasts.
  • Can be used separately or as an alternative to traditional hand wraps or inner gloves inside bag gloves or boxing gloves. Throughout the whole training or fight session you can have a comfortable experience. This keeps your hands dry and smell free for a longer period
  • Sold as a pair. Available in 2 sizes – Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. 100% Money Back Quality Guarantee!!