BOB Body Opponent Bag – Punch Bob Freestanding Kick Dummy XL – Punching Bag Boxing Martial Arts Kickboxing MMA – Training Dummy Height 174 cm Weight 21.5 KG


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  • FREESTANDING PUNCHING BAG: Our BOB is a freestanding training dummy used for martial arts and boxing training. Being very passionate about fitness ourselves that’s why we designed the ideal training buddy to simulate the feel and resistance of an actual opponent providing a more realistic training experience.
  • Features: This Body Opponent free-standing heavy bag with a height of 174 cm and a net weight of 21.5kg allows for a realistic look with life-like facial features chest and stomach area. The life-like torso features of the XL BOB instantly allow sparring sessions to be taken to another level.
  • Durability: This punching bag adult is made of high quality strong material which provides for long-term usage. Our punching BOB is the ideal tool to have when training in boxing or Martial arts.
  • Stability And Easy For Transportation: The coated base of the product is made of PE plastic material that holds either water or sand which allows the dummy to have more stability. Our punching dummy also allows for easy transportation and can simply be used in your home apartment gym or even office.
  • Readily Training Partner: Can you imagine always having a training partner readily available? Someone who won’t flinch away from the toughest punches and kicks? That’s what it’s like to have BOB in your home or gym!
  • The BOB punching bag with stand is popular for martial arts practitioners boxers and fitness enthusiasts looking to improve their striking skills and overall conditioning. This punching BOB dummy is an ideal-ever mannequin training bag for martial arts. So what is it that makes a Body Opponent bag so unique? BOB gives you a real human torso shape for a striking surface.