BEAST RAGE Boxing Hand Wraps Men Protection MMA Support Inner Gloves Martial Arts Training Wrapper Punching Combat Sports Muay Thai, under Mitts 4.5 Meter Elasticated Bandages (4.5 M, Black)


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  • Maximize your training with martial arts wraps that effectively protect mens and womens joints to take care of your hands and wrists during boxing exercises. Handwraps can be worn without gloves or under gloves to hit kickboxing punching bags.
  • Hand wraps wrap your hand faster with the improved wrist strap provides good wrist support keeps your wrist aligned during training by reducing impact retention on the knuckles and helping you secure the inside of the heavy boxing gloves.
  • Boxing wrap-around sturdy thumb loop for boxer hands with velcro long strap tab closure taekwondo boxing martial arts competition and daily training hook to keep wraps tight and secure for Muay Thai training sessions.
  • Long hand wraps that are strong and flexible can wrap around your wrist to improve their appearance while protecting your hands knuckles fingers and wrists from harm. MMA wraps can also support you when you practise kickboxing muay thai or mma
  • Boxing wraps providing sports-grade easily-adjustable maintains your wrist aligned during combat sports involving punches martial arts training wraps washable for cleaning and maintenance. Long enough to wrap around the wrist won’t dig into wrists.