Boxing Hand Wraps 4.5 Meter Martial Arts Bandages Inner Gloves Wrist Support Straps Punching Under Hand Knuckles Heavy Elasticated Training Bag Mitts Muay Thai (Black, 4.5 M)


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  • Wrist wrap is a non slip band of cloth 2.5 meter long enough for beginner boxers support as it wears as tightly spreading among the finger and roll through palm and back of hand.
  • Gym hand wraps are tightly support the wrists knuckles and fingers bones tendons muscles of workout and other combat-sport athletes. Regular training wraps on hands to help protect against impact injury
  • Fabric absorbs the sweat effectively and can be easily cleaned after use protect the hand and wrist against injuries induced by punching and wearing under boxing gloves MMA gloves
  • Thumb loop hole stabilize training your wrist muscle and hitting a heavy bag and reacts with power strike of your punch for improving efficient hook technique.
  • Punching the bag with wraps safe skin while strengthening bones muscles of hands improve a fighter’s punching ability thin tape trainer uses hand wrap or the way wrapping to develop good technique reusable and work well