AQF MMA Kick Strike Shield Curved Muay Thai Training Pad Focus Target Kick Boxing Punching Mitts (THIS IS SOLD AS SINGLE ITEM)


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  • AQF Combat Strike Shield is made from Heavy Duty Synthetic Leather material for durability that will absorb the heaviest of blows designed to block punches elbows kicks and knee strikes.
  • Slightly curved design and the top handle makes it perfect for leg kicks while rear handles enable the shield to be used for body kicks and knees. In total it has 4 sturdy handles and 2 Nylon straps allow the shield to be used in more creative ways.
  • Kick shield is constructed from a combination of advanced padding for optimal impact protection whilst remaining lightweight yet tough ideal for karate taekwondo Muay Thai kickboxing and other Martial Arts.
  • 3 layers of DYNAMIC COMPRESSED Sheets offers superior shock absorption 2 layers of POWER DISPERSION Sheets dampens the impact which are sandwiched between 2 layers of SPUMEFLEX which provide cushion and added resistance.
  • Strike pad is 52 cm Long 43 cm Wide and 13 cm Thick and Weights 3.2 Kg. Clean with water and a dry cloth. Leave it to dry naturally away from damp. (SOLD AS A SINGLE ITEM)