8Xsports Boxing Hand Wraps set 4.5 Meter Elasticated Thumb Loop Men and Women Boxing Wraps for Combat Sports, Grey


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  • ✅ Premium Quality: Hand wrap are made of cotton and nylon to add comfort and support to your finger and wrist. It is made up of durable material to withstand everyday wear and tear and offer resilience support. The material is also washable making cleaning and maintenance a pleasure.
  • ✅ Elongated for Better Support: Boxing wraps men is 4.5 meter long to completely wrap your knuckles or wrist for maximum support. Hand wraps for boxing gloves men gives fine wrist sustenance and velcro strap aligns and ensures its tightness for better hand grips.
  • ✅ Hook and Loop Clousure: Boxing hand wraps mens hook-and-loop closure provides better palm support and a secure fit. The wraps’ durable material allows them to be used for MMA Muay Thai BJJ Karate and other similar sports training.
  • ✅ Breathable and Elastic: Boxing gloves wrap is a blend of durable fabrics provides sweat wick properties to keeps your hand fresh. The thicker elasti wrap used for imapct absortion to prevent numerous hand injuries.
  • ✅ Flat Locked Seams: The stitching of the seams enhances life expectactions of boxing hand wraps women and also makes a significant contribution to the wraps’ style and behavior producing them a fashion item in the training arena.