Your First Karate Lesson

Your First Karate Lesson

Karate is one of the most practiced martial arts there are thousands of karate schools all over the world.  Training in Karate is done in a ‘dojo’ and you probably have one in the town where you live.  As a new student you are probably wondering what to expect from your first karate lesson?  Let’s go over what to expect not just from your first lesson but from Karate as a practice.

Your Attitude

A good attitude is everything, and that goes beyond your first karate lesson.  Karate takes years to master and you will encounter plateaus and times where you will get frustrated.  That may even start with the first class where you see what more experienced students can do.  Right from the start you need to establish the attitude that this too is a skill you can learn.

Why Karate

You need to first ask yourself why you want to learn karate, is this going to be a way to get some exercise or do you want to learn to defend yourself?  Will this be a hobby or do you aspire to get in to UFC?  Karate can help you to learn discipline, gain confidence and get into shape, it is also a highly competitive sport.  The reasons why you chose karate will help you when get frustrated.

The First Class

Before you step into the first class there are a couple of things that you should know, in traditional karate schools bowing is the norm.  It is a way of showing respect to your opponent and to the teachers.  The teacher will show you how properly bow on the first day.  The instructor will be addressed as Sensei, the Japanese term for teacher.

What you actually do in the first class will depend on your instructor but the first couple of classes will start with some warm-up exercises at the start and then you will start with learning the basics.  You will learn some blocking techniques, a basic punch and probably a front kick.  It will help you to get used to these movements and it you will be practicing these movements throughout your practice.

The classes will probably be between 60-90 minutes each and you can expect to come away from this class with sore muscles as you are doing exercises that you have probably never done before.  Classes will run a couple of times a week and in the beginning you should probably attend as many as you can.  It is going to be difficult at first but stick with it.